Automart. Davao is Open

Automart.Ph Davao Is Now Open

Buying Davao Used Cars just got Easier and Cheaper!

Last week, Automart.Ph Davao opened. With our opening, we bring to Davaoenos our promise of Thousands of Cheap, High Quality Used and Repossessed Cars. We are sure that Davao, and even nearby cities like General Santos (Gen San) and Tagum will benefit from the great quality cheap used and repossessed cars that we have. Oh, also, our inventory gets added to weekly, so check back often! Here’s more information on Automart.Ph Used Cars Davao:

Tha Automart.Ph Price Difference

Why is Automart.Ph different from other used car sellers? Well quite simply – we don’t markup or resell at higher prices. We find sellers and only take a small commission if we sell a repossessed car or used car. This means that you will always get the cheapest cars possible and available. We’ll also offer you an extremely convenient way of browsing and buying, since our entire used cars Davao and Manila inventory is available online!
Used Cars Lot
Thousands of Davao Repossessed Cars. This is just one of our Used Car Lots. We have multiple in Lasang and Malagamot, Davao City.

What about Quality?

We always advise customers to inspect the cars themselves, and even bring a mechanic with them to see the cars. We sell mostly used and repossessed cars, and we find that 95% of the cars are still in good condition and are great value for your money, but of course there’s still some cars that are not in good order anymore. We’ll also help you choose the best cars for your money of course, so ask us! Our goal is to give you the very best options we have on the lot, all the time.
We get majority of our inventory from banks as repossessed cars. Luckily for us, all used cars and repossessed cars by banks throughout Mindanao end up in Davao City, so we have a lot of used cars to sell to you.

What’s the process?

It’s very easy and fast to buy a car. You can drive out with your car in less than 1 week.
1. Register at Follow complete instructions.
2. Schedule for inspection of unit w us. Normally open weekdays 10-5pm, by appointment only. Davao used cars and Davao repossessed cars are in Malagamot and Lasang. Contact Jing at 09393295675.
3. Bid on unit(s) you like before Wed 9am (note you must have a fully refundable bid deposit of P5,000 to bid)
4. Wait for Friday evening to know if you won
5. Pay for and claim your car.
Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the entire process, and you can ask for clarifications any time.
Here's just a sample of the cars we sell - This Toyota Vios E AT in Davao City is great value for money

How about papers?

Another major reason to buy from Automart.Ph is that all our used and repossessed cars have complete papers, so you can transfer ownership to your name very easily. You would normally need to wait for around 3 weeks for processing, but we guarantee that you’ll have complete and original papers. No fake papers or missing papers here, since we only get inventory from reputable institutions and sellers!

Where do I view the Thousands of Used Cars Davao?

Davao used cars are in Malagamot, Davao City and Lasang, Davao City. Contact Jing at 09393295675.

What is your contact number?

Contact Jing at 09393295675 or to schedule an appointment of all our Davao used and repossessed cars.

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