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Amazing Digital Marketer Needed

Are you a Digital Marketing Specialist, with specific expertise in Facebook Marketing, Google Ads and SEO? Do you understand Google Analytics? Can you help Automart.Ph achieve hypergrowth? Let's talk.

Who is Automart.Ph?

Automart is your trusted online used car auction site. We’re a platform that – by definition – ensures that both buyers and sellers get the best possible price for their vehicle.

Who are you?

  1. Someone who believes in the vision of a better-functioning Philippine used car marketplace, and are motivated to make the vision real
  2. Has demonstrated experience, ability and patience to make it happen. You must see the big picture of how the site will eventually change the car market, and are willing to invest time and effort now for greater payoff in the future.
  3. Willing to work with the founders in an unstructured environment, collaborating remotely via skype, Asana or over beers/ coffee at odd hours of the day.
  4. Flexible and able to do the work of different people – from ideation to execution. Can work as a one-person team at the start. We will grow as our revenues grow.
  5. Given resource limitations, able to plan and allocate to where it has highest impact.

What Experiences do you have?

  1. Digital marketing is your forte, specifically: Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, offline group management.
  2. 3 years minimum in Digital Marketing
  3. Understand platforms: FB, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and to a lesser extent, Quora and other digital channels
  4. Social media
    1. Experience in targeting and growing social media followers and fans on a lean, limited budget
    2. Experience in nourishing/ interacting and working with special interest facebook groups, including their moderators and admins
    3. Can create, track and analyze social media campaigns and iterate from there, using Google Analytics and/ or Zoho Social.
    4. Prefers to grow user base organically vs paid
    5. Etc – do whatever it takes to make us known in the social media we engage in.
  5. SEO – on-page and off-page
    1. Can create and continuously improve on our site architecture and content to make them Search Engine Optimized and ranking highly on Google Search. Ideally First page rankings of all our chosen keywords within 6 months.
    2. Work with developers to improve site architecture
    3. Create a keyword plan and optimize
    4. Gather backlinks from high DA sites (preferably organically)
    5. Create content plan given resources, and help execute (we won’t have a writer at the start yet)
  6. SEM
    1. Be able to utilize limited budget to win valuable customers and clientele onto Automart.Ph
    2. Have an intimate understanding of Google Ads and Google Analytics
  7. Offline Group management (low prio)
    1. Be able to work with car clubs, car club officers to be able to secure air time and talk to members

What benefits do we give you?

  1. Relative autonomy – you’d get to design and execute Automart.Ph’s digital marketing strategy, with strategic guidance from founders.
  2. Grow a company from the ground up – we’re a very new company, but already changing the used car market, and we’d love for you to join.
  3. Startup vibe – we work out of a house near Ateneo De Manila. It’s not for everyone, but we like it here.
  4. Learn from our founder – who has experience growing once-small companies like Uber, Grab and Traveloka here in the Philippines
  5. Competitive salary
  6. Free lunch

How do I join?

Submit your resume to  If you have any further questions, do reach out to us at 0927-887-6400 as well.

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