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Terms and Conditions

terms and conditions

Rules and conditions

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1. Your registration, deposit and request email must be in by Sept 30, 12mn. (see deposit instructions below for more details).

2. You must place the promo code in the email that you’ll send, so that it’s valid. Promo code is in the button below. Failing to enter the promo code means ineligibility to avail of the promo.

3. You must win the car through Auction or “Buy Now” to claim the discount. Negotiated sales are not eligible.

4. Discount will be taken from the final sale price.

5. This promo is not convertible to cash, valid only for regular Automart.Ph accounts, and for vehicles sold through Automart.Ph.

6. Vehicle auction end date must be on or before Oct. 15, 2018.

7. This is not valid in conjunction with any other promos/ offers. In case of conflict, customer may choose which offer to apply that is most beneficial to them.

8. Promo and promo code are non-transferrable. Only the registered customer, using his or her registered account associated with the promo shall be eligible to claim the prize.

9. Only one car may be bought using the promo code per person or business entity. Multiple accounts registered by the same person or entity shall be entitled to avail of the promo only once.

10. This promo is valid only for the first car bought through Automart.Ph by the person or entity

How to register and claim your P10,000 prize

  1.  Register at Automart.Ph. Button may be found on upper-right corner of website.
  2. Deposit to one of our accounts. Details are below. Click here to learn more.
  3. Send us an email using your registered email address. Include your name, your username, proof of deposit and the promo code below. Send to
  4. Wait for us to activate your account (less than  24 hours). You may bid and win your dream car afterwards.
  5. Take the discount upon payment.
Here are the bank deposit details.
Bank or Service Account name Account number
BDO Qmarketz Corp. 00207 8012 195 CA
BPI Poncevic Ceballos Jr. 0820 0448 35 CA
GCash Phone/ acct number 0927 887 6400

We hope that an extra P10,000 discount gets you to try out Automart.Ph. Bid on and win your dream car via auction now!

What exactly is Logo_30px?

Automart.Ph is your source for cheap, good quality used and repossessed cars. We never mark-up prices so you're assured of the cheapest possible prices. You can buy  your dream cars here 24/7, online.

Go to Automart.Ph Now!

Reach us through: 0927-887-6400, text call or viber FB Messenger: AutomartPh

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