How to buy SecurityBank Repossessed Cars for Sale; Bank Car Auction in the Philippines is in partnership with SecurityBank Philippines to sell their inventory of Repossessed Cars for sale.

Here’s a walk-through of how to buy Bank Repossessed Cars for sale in the Philippines. uploads the foreclosed vehicles inventory of SecurityBank’s forclosed Car Loan. Commonly known as “Remata cars” or “Repo Cars”.

SecurityBank of the Philippines is one of the most convenient bank on car loan applications. It is one of the best institutions in the country that provides safe and quality banking services.

Security Bank offers its repossessed vehicles inventory to be available for public bidding. However, joining Security Bank’s Auction is joining under “Blind-Bidding”. While joining Security Bank’s bidding via gives you the feature of receiving notifications whenever someone has outbid you to the unit.

To view the update inventory of SecurityBank’s List of Repossessed Cars. Visit our website here.