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Intern with Automart.Ph. Learn what it means to truly hustle and grow a startup from nearly zero. We’re scaling fast and need folks to manage our new projects. We also need folks to connect and understand our audience deeply. If you’d like to be part of the hypergrowth of the Philippines’ largest online car auction website, then join us.

[updated June 2019]

Automart.Ph has sold hundreds of cars in the past few months that we’ve launched. Join us, as we sell our next thousand. We’re currently part of the semi-finalists for Ideaspace 2019 competition, and on-track to get a lot of funding in the near future. 

What’s in it for you?

Great question! We’ve got a lot to offer here besides just monetary rewards.

  1. Building a company from (nearly) scratch – We’re starting from zero-point-five, and you get to drive Automart.Ph to success by creating and executing great plans for the next few months.
  2. Broad, multi-functional experience – The experience you get from this will be far broader than what you’d get in a bigger company. We’re not going to sugarcoat though, this will be a lot of hard work, and so it will not be for everyone. The reward of seeing your product/ company take off and succeed will be worth it though. You will contribute first-hand to the growth of our startup.
  3. Mentorship from our CEO – Poch, Automart.PH’ CEO, has in the past 4 years helped to grow Uber (he was employee #6 in the Philippines), Grab/ Grabtaxi as its head, and Traveloka as its Country Manager. He knows a few things about how to start a company from scratch and make it a household name, and is very willing to share his knowledge.
  4. Free Lunch. 
  5. Partial work-from-home – Most work can be done remotely, though we may need to meet face-to-face 2 or 3x a week.
  6. Pizza, beer and a great team – We work a lot with cool team members, developers, and consultants. Automart.Ph gets us pizza and beers often – just regular food, but having them while discussing the next big idea is exhilarating.
  7. Allowance – We’ll ensure that you are given an allowance, though if you really want the big bucks, please apply elsewhere.
  8. Possible offer to stay on – if we like each other, we’d love if you can work with us after graduation. Equity stakes, bonuses for performance and salary are all in store, pending a favorable assessment after the internship.
  9. A great recommendation letter – Whether or not we work together post-graduation, we’ll certainly give a recommendation letter highlighting the positives of your intern performance (of which we’re sure there will be many!).

What do we expect from you as an intern?

  1. Individual hard work and dedication – we prefer a full-time intern but also open to part-timers. We do expect a lot from you in terms of ideation and thereafter execution. When all is done however, the success of Automart.Ph is something you can claim to be largely due to you and your efforts. We don’t like micro-managing, and we think neither do you, so we’ll meet perhaps 1-2x a week but otherwise we’ll trust you to deliver as you see fit.
  2. Everything else – We’re a start-up, and almost by definition, this requires flexibility from everyone. We may need to do one thing today, another tomorrow. Some things will be fun, and some will be mundane and repetitive – but they have to get done, and we expect that you’re up to the task.

What projects will you be working on?

  1. Project Management – We’re getting ready for a huge event in July. We need you to be the point-person. You’ll learn what “Executional Excellence” really means, from people who’ve been there, done that and grown companies in the Philippines.
  2. Customer Experience Research – You’ll learn to get into the minds of customers and car-buyers. What makes them tick? You’ll learn and use ethnographic research, focus group discussions, and a variety of tools to understand the hears and minds of customers. From there, you’ll influence product features and functionality, and make our company even more loved by the customers.

What are the next steps?

If everything we’ve just said sounds like your thing, or if you just have a few more questions, send us a note: Please send in your resume too. We’ll get back to you soon, if we find that there’s a good fit. We need you yesterday, so send in your application ASAP.

Also, learn more about us and why we’re doing this company here: Our stake on the ground.

Here’s also why you and your friends should use

Thanks and we hope to work with you soon!

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