practical car buying

Practical Car Buying

The Joys of Being Practical

Buying branded things in malls, or going out to eat in the occasional restaurant are joys to be enjoyed. Generally, it’s nice to de-stress by going out for a nice meal, or going out of town for a vacation from time to time. But we keep these luxuries in moderation, partly because our budget keeps us in check. 

Being Practical

As working-class people, we make practical decisions all the time; from our decision to turn off the light when we leave the house, to when we lower the thermostat to save electricity. Being practical is primarily making choices for the sake of saving. 



It’s a simply wondering whether you truly need something or not, and then deciding to act based on what you think. And in this day and age, being practical is daily practice knowing that living in excess isn’t always reasonable. 

Looking for Satisfaction

But as humans, we have an inherent tendency to want. We find satisfaction in aspiring to get nice things for ourselves, and we have nothing against that. When it comes to cars, we see nice cars on the road all the time. We admire the sleekness of its curves and the sensation of driving. 

As a common saying goes: treat yourself, you deserve it! But choosing to treat yourself doesn’t always have to be at the cost of being practical, or vice versa. And being practical doesn’t always mean sacrificing.  

Practical Car Buying

We all want to be happy, but we all know that expensive things doesn’t always do that. Often times it does, but we’d like to differ that it’s not the object itself that makes us happy, but the experiences. 

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Written by Benjie Bernal