Repossessed Cars List

Repossessed Cars List for Sale Philippines

Here’s a repossessed cars list in the Philippines. You can buy all these cheap, high quality used cars and repossessed cars from Automart.Ph. List is updated weekly, so bookmark this page and check back often.

We have the longest repossessed cars list, and the widest selection of chea used cars and repossessed cars, so you’re in the right place. We’re partnered with the biggest banks so we get more repossessed cars than they can give you. 

What’s more, we never charge buyers commission, so you’re sure you’re paying the cheapest possible prices for these cars!

Repossessed Cars List Philippines

For inspection of units, call 0917 569 3371,0927-887-6400, 02-426-9961, or via FB Messenger (Automart.Ph).

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Q1: How do I buy?
A: Please register at Complete instructions are there.
Q2: Are prices negotiable? Can I buy the car immediately?
A: Negotiations are not possible. Prices are as low as they get. If you want the car ASAP, you may click the Buy Now button and pay the price. Some cars don’t have a Buy Now price.
Q3: What are the conditions of the cars?
A: These are bank repossessed cars. Most cars are still in very good condition. Some have small issues and are priced accordingly. Learn more about buying repossessed cars here
Q4: How do I schedule an inspection? Where?
A: Please coordinate with us through 0917 569 3371,0927-887-6400, 02-426-9961, or via FB Messenger (Automart.Ph). Different cars are located in different warehouses, so let us know which car exactly you’d like to view.
Q5: What if I have other questions?
A: Please contact us at the numbers above, and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Q6: What’s Automart.Ph? Who are you partnered with?
A: Automart is the country’s premier online used and repossessed car selling and auction site. We’re partnered with multiple banks, financing institutions and rental car companies so we’re able to sell you thousands of cars at rockbottom prices.

Currently, we sell BDO repossessed cars, Eastwest Bank repossessed cars or East West repossessed cars, Avis Rental Car, Park n Sell, Jaguar, Range Rover, Maserati, Global Dominion and many other companies.

In the very near future, we hope to bring you Maybank repossessed cars, BPI repossessed cars, Unionbank repossessed cars, PSBank repossessed cars, Robinsons Bank repossessed cars, RCBC repossessed cars and all other banks’ repossessed cars.

Q7: Do you give dealer discounts?
A: Yes we do. Call us. We’d love to talk and work out a mutually beneficial deal! We want to work with used car buy and sell dealers.

Q8: Where are you located? What are the viewing schedules?
We have locations and warehouses all over the Philippines, but we are focused right now on Metro Manila, specifically Balintawak Quezon City, Libis Quezon City, Paranaque, Kalookan or Caloocan, and Ortigas. The Balintawak warehouse is open daily 9am-5pm. The Libis warehouse is M-F 9am – 5pm plus Saturday 8:30am – 12nn.  The Paranaque warehouse is only open Tuesdays 9am – 5pm. The Caloocan warehouse is only open Mondays 9am – 5pm.


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Automart.Ph is your source for cheap, good quality used and repossessed cars. We never mark-up prices so you’re assured of the cheapest possible prices. You can buy  your dream cars here 24/7, online.

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Reach us through: 0927-887-6400, text call or viber FB Messenger: AutomartPh

52 thoughts on “Repossessed Cars List for Sale Philippines”

    1. Carlyn Castroverde

      I just wanna asked if this cash basis or i can make it monthly instalment basis is there warranty & insurrance basis ? Specially 2016 or 2017 model is there freebies also thanks for the reply

      1. Hi Carlyn, we can do cash or installment basis at 30% down and up to 3 years to pay. Please see the FAQ above where this is already answered. Warranty is merely passed on if the car is still under warranty from the manufacturer. If you register immediately and buy a car before January 15, we can give you a P3000 rebate on any car. Thanks for viewing.

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  3. Hello good day,
    This is Edgardo Marcelo inquiring your car sale number 23. TOYOTA INNOVA 2.8 J DSL MT 2017. If still available and how much for monthly payment and downpayment and pls send me your complete details for this car also mileage. Thank u

    1. Hi Rusty, I don’t suggest you choose this vehicle because it has some major porblems already. We do have many others to choose from anyway.

    1. We have many Suzuki Altos available but here’s one of them, item 166: 50,063 downpayment and 4,132 monthly for 3 years

    1. Hi Robert, we have a lot of Toyota Fortuner Diesel 4×2. Here’s one: 252,450 downpayment and P20,837 monthly for 3 years. I don’t have photos of this car yet but we can view it in person next week. Please schedule a date and time with us at 09278876400.

    1. Toyota Fortuner is 252450 Downpayment and 20,837 monthly for 3 years. We don’t have 5 year terms. Grandia is 290,250 down and 23,957 monthly

        1. HI, item 234 is a Nissan Almera, but I found a Mitsubishi Adventure Gray. P126,000 downpayment and 10400/ mo for 3 years. For faster transactions, please message us on Facebook Messenger.

    1. Hi Mark, 143,100 downpayment and 11812/ mo for 3 years. Let us know when you’d like to schedule a viewing. Note you can also message us on FB for faster responses.

    1. Hi James, it’s 209,700 downpayment and 17309/ mo for 3 years. Thanks for viewing. call us at 0927-887-6400 so we can schedule viewing.

  4. Mervin Lanzarrote

    Hi! Puwed po ba maview ang unit kahit hindi pa kasali sa bidding to check if anu condition ng unit? And para din makapili muna bago sumali sa bidding… Thank you

      1. Mervin Lanzarrote

        hi! thank you sa reply cge iview muna namin ang mapipili na unit then pag ok na saka na sya puwed mag deposit para makasali kami sa bidding…
        ah ask ko pala din if ever makakuha kami ng unit sa bidding kami din ang mag babayad sa transfer ng name? thank you

        1. Hi Marvin, please contact us at 0917-569-3371 for faster responses and so we can schedule your inspection! As to transfer of name, yes you will be responsible for this. Thanks for viewing!

  5. Antonio Tolentino

    Do you have a kia rio or mirage 2014 up that can ve recommended? Downpayment 150k what will be monthly. Thanks

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