The most fuel-efficient cars of 2017

Let’s face it, we want fuel-efficient cars. Fuel saving and fuel efficiency are key buying factors for many people nowadays. That’s hardly surprising when you realize that gasoline prices have breached the P50/ liter again, with diesel not too far behind. This is why we at Automart are very happy that the Philippine Department of Energy and Petron Corporation continue to conduct the Fuel Economy Run, now on its 13th year and recently held last Nov 20-21, 2017 in Clark, Pampanga.

“Through this event, we will be able to determine fuel consumption rating in kilometers per liter of different brand new vehicles available in the market in accordance with actual highway driving conditions,” DOE Undersecretary Wimpy Fuentebella said as he spoke on behalf of Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi during the opening program.

There were 55 entries from different manufacturers, in different models and form factors, and in both gasoline and diesel.


Kia Picanto: 2017's most fuel-efficient car
Kia Picanto: 2017’s most fuel-efficient car (Photo: Kia Website)

Surprisingly, the most fuel-efficient cars are not necessarily the ones with the smallest engines, nor are they necessarily diesel-engine vehicles, as conventional wisdom would have us believe. Of course, that has partly to do with the fact that the run was conducted in the traffic-free SCTEX and TPLEX freeways. Metro city driving, with the traffic that goes along with it, will probably change the results a lot. Still, this is a great data-point if you’re thinking about buying a car in the near future.

The most fuel efficient sedan – gasoline or diesel – is the 1.3L Gasoline Kia Picanto at a fuel economy rating (km/L) of 29.23, even beating the best diesel sedan, the 2.0L Volkswagen Golf GTS with a rating of “only” 27.91.

Volkswagen Golf GTS: 2017's Most Fuel-efficient Diesel
Volkswagen Golf GTS: 2017’s Most Fuel-efficient Diesel (photo: Volkswagen website)


*writer’s note: every discussion of Volkswagen nowadays will probably need to be taken with the specter of the diesel dupe scandal where Volks knowingly installed test-cheating devices to show better fuel economy and emissions in the US. Volkswagen officials have resigned or been imprisoned because of it. That may have effects even on the cars being sold here in the Philippines. Do more research on this if you’re thinking of buying a Volks.

Interestingly, on the highway at least, the bigger 1.5L Toyota Vios is slightly better at 25.88 km/L than its baby sibling, the 1L Toyota Wigo at 25.19 km/L. The Wigo in turn beats the 0.8L Suzuki Alto 800 which got 24.81 km/L.

What is the best SUV in the market? It is the not-so-well-known Ssangyong Rodius at 33.12 km/L, besting even the newest Honda Diesel CR-V that got only 23.96 km/L.

Ssangyong Rodius: 2017's most fuel-efficient SUV
Ssangyong Rodius: 2017’s most fuel-efficient SUV (photo: Wikipedia)

The full results are here for gasoline and diesel vehicles respectively, as taken from the DoE website:

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 6.46.13 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 6.46.00 PM

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