Used Car Insurance: How to Avail Through Automart.Ph

Most Filipinos only think of getting a used car insurance simply because it is a requirement when they need to register their vehicles.  Therefore, a lot of people simply get a Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance.
We’re here to help shed light on used car insurance and why you should get both TPL insurance and a comprehensive car insurance.  
Note: Automart.Ph now offers comprehensive car insurance for our vehicles sold. For more info, kindly get in touch at 0927-887-6400 or drop us an email at 

A TPL insurance guarantees the insured individual assistance with potential liabilities to third-party victims. The TPL insurance covers up to one hundred thousand pesos (Php 100,000) in the instance of death, bodily injury, and medical expenses of a third-party victim resulting from the insured vehicle.  

A comprehensive car insurance on the other hand protects the insured individual in cases of injury, death, theft or any property damage. In essence, a comprehensive insurance helps you, your occupants, and your vehicle avoid risks by providing wider coverage.

Comprehensive car insurance differ between providers but usually cover:

  • Loss, damages, and liabilities due to third parties 
  • Personal accidents
  • Damage to property
  • Collisions by accident
  • Theft
  • Third party malicious acts
  • Fires/explosions
  • Acts of God

Requirements for a Comprehensive Car Insurance

Requirements usually vary between providers but in general are a bit similar to one another. Here are the requirements for Automart’s insurance partner.

  1. ORCR of vehicle
  2. Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of vehicle or receipt showing value of vehicle to be insured
  3. Client information: Address, delivery address,  landmark, barangay, contact numbers, email, Facebook, receiver name, mortgagee, plate number

Quotation and Delivery

Requesting for a quotation and getting the insurance policy is made faster through Automart.Ph!

  1. Request for a quote 
  2. Provide requirements stated above
  3. Automart to send quotation via email
  4. Client pays for insurance. Current modes of payment include: BDO bank deposit, Gcash, AUB, 7-11, Cash on delivery (COD) or post-dated checks
  5. Automart insurance provider delivers policy to client’s desired address
  6. Same day delivery is possible for Metro manila. 3-5 days for provincial clients. 

Insurance Claims

If you find yourself in an accident or were involved in one, it’s best to contact your insurance provider asap. Insurance claims will differ between providers but most processes are standard. 

Accident through own fault:
  • ORCR of Vehicle
  • Police Report (Original)
  • Picture of Accident/Damage
  • Insurance Policy 
  • Fully Paid Insurance
  • Driver’s License
  • Estimate of Damage (10-15 days process if done in accredited dealerships and car repair shops; 2-3 months if done outside)
  • Participation Fee
Accident through third party:
  • ORCR (Both parties)
  • Certificate of No Claim
  • Insurance Policy
  • Estimate of Damage
  • Picture of Damage
  • Driver’s License (both parties) 
  • Police Report (Original)
  • Participation Fee

Renewal of Insurance

Renewing your comprehensive vehicle insurance is easy through Automart.Ph!

Our insurance partner will be getting in touch with you for renewal after the term of your policy.


Avail now and enjoy extended coverage for your family! 


Got any questions or inquiries, simply call or message us now, so we can help you!


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