Why Automart.Ph?

Used cars, second-hand cars, repossessed cars, segunda-mano – however you call it – there’s lots out there and there are many places you can buy them. Despite these choices, Automart. Ph is the best place for you to buy your dream car. You see, Automart is an online vehicle auction platform for used cars. As such, we offer a lot of advantages over your more typical avenues of buying used cars. Below are a few of the reasons to bid on and buy your dream vehicle at auction from Automart.Ph

Buyer benefits

Low prices

Lowest possible prices

By definition, you will always pay the lowest possible price in an auction. That’s especially true with Automart.Ph. Here, you can simply enter the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a vehicle, and the system will automatically bid just a little bit more than the next highest bidder, or until it reaches your maximum bid. This means you always pay the lowest possible price to win the auction.

For used car dealers, this is a great benefit – now you can buy inventory at low prices.


Automated convenience

As above, we’ve automated to make it easy to win your dream vehicle. You don’t need to watch your bids closely nor wait until the last second to bid. Simply enter the highest price you’re willing to pay and our robots will do the rest. Got outbid? We’ll notify you too.

Since the process is automated, the maximum bid amount is kept secret from everyone – including the Automart team.

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Gone are the days when you need to trek far away and sit in the sun just to bid on a vehicle auction. Browse, bid and win from your phone, tablet or desktop – on the bus, your couch or even from abroad. You can bid on cars far away, and just pick them up if you win.

Vehicle certificates of inspection

No more headaches! We understand that quality assurance are big problems when buying used or second-hand cars. How would you know the quality of the vehicles? We work with independent, third-party mechanic-inspectors to give a grade on cars sold, based on a standardized, 200-point checklist. This ensures you know exactly what you’re buying.

Note: at the start, we may not be able to provide these certificates for all cars.



We understand how important your data and privacy are. We’ve invested in making sure our website has robust security settings. We are compliant with the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act.

We hope we’ve convinced you to try and use Automart.Ph to bid on and win your next (few) vehicles. Do try us out!